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IBM Watch

Does exist?


This website is best viewed on a Apple Watch.


What opinion gives you the best ad-revenue on social media websites?

Facebook will become nothing but a repository for display ads


Ozy Online Mag

Anti Selfie App

Unicode Converter

AK-47 Handbook

Windows 3.1 GUI

Ugly Helvetica

Facebook Placeholder

Unfollow everyone.

Typewriters = Unhackable

Everyone is born young.

Still life today

Combine the two things you can do best and make a living out of it.

2005-2015 was a decade in history, where people had the need to document their feelings and life moments publicy online on so-called social networks.

Comic Sans Typewriter

Gun Vendor Machine

Optical Telegraph

Don't worry.

Atari 2600 Demo

Agentur für normale Menschen.

1000 "Fuck you" to share.

Rat Experiment

Cigarette ads in novels

As long as artists use a brand in their work in some way (good or bad) it's relevant.

"Not used yet" url shorteners


Saw in head

iOS Design Kit

One thing well

Band Logos

Sinclair ZX81

An ads-only social network.



When will the internet be retired? Like telefax?

DOOM Specs


Pen saves your notes

Connect the web through SMS

Emoji Art App

Head Helmet

Face the reality.

Collection of portfolios

Microwave Face

Als einer der Pioniere der Medienkritik hatte Karl Kraus erkannt, dass die Medien die Wirklichkeit nicht abbilden, sondern erzeugen , dass Meinungen und Stimmungen nicht einfach entstehen, sondern gemacht werden“, schreiben Matthias Bröckers und Paul Schreyer in ihrem lesenswerten Buch:“Wir sind die Guten“

The makers of the Nintendo sound

Aphex Twin – Syro

Geocities Cache Project

If you don't have an idea, make it round.

Websites is for information, Email is for communication.

Please bring back pixelated icons.


Web: Connected writings.


Aphex Twin Syro

Aphex Twin Fold Face

HipHop Flyers

Mogya Agu Fam Part I

Mogya Agu Fam Trailer

Cubelets Robotics


Andreas Samuelsson, Illustration



Turn spam into illustrations

Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are from Nigeria?

The punctuation guide.-'^

Meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club, early 1930s

Write drunk, edit sober.

Skateboard on pallet

The mother of all demos - Doug Engelbart

Crowd Supply

Free Harvard Classics

Don't mess with Txt.

Scan Gun Human

Hey interesting people dropping by, send a message.

Console Livingroom

Every user creates a new page. Just by visiting a website.

Martin Fengel

Angry Car

iPhone Screenshot

Pokey the Penguin

The web of today is all about limitation. People want limitation: one place to meet with friends, one place to read funny things, one place to get personal. One place.

Why War

Pixelated iOS Icons for dock

“Hypergraphia” is the overwhelming desire to write.

Yahoo is on the intersection of Microsoft and Google.

Dirty Bird

Tracy Ma, the graphic future of Businessweek

JPG Internet

Who's your best Facebook friend?

Julian Röder - World of Warfare

Mass Games

Huge comeback of websites ahead.


Robot Building

Head in Head Animation

Exhibitionist Cover

The Exhibitionist

Google is closing it's business.

How to own digital work? Print out?

Notepad as a book.

Don't create things on Facebook, just put something already made on it.

Police and Hairy Monster



Fart Button featured at Laughing Squid

Web Design Field Manual

Ongoing armed conflicts


David Shrigley

Architecture Animee

Sony Flamingo PS-F9 Portable Record Player

Everything Design NZ

Webpages disappear.

The Damned: Neat Neat Neat

Being contrarian and wrong is still bad — you have to be contrarian and right.

The username replaced the adress as identity on www.

Doom (Flash)

Twitter was built to have short conversations online.

What's the best place or space to build a website upon? Internet?

Developer creates things. Designer creates things. Both creators of things. Why the fighting?

The Barrier Kult Skateboarding

Brutalist Websites: no colors, only systemfonts, working on all devices/platforms, no bullshit: Craigslist, Wikipedia, FFFOUND!, Indexhibit...

What are you against?

Vibra Vibra Hey!

What's the best way to spread a thought online? Blog, Tweet, Speak, Draw, Record, Capture?


Censorship Sunglasses

Google Design Guidelines

#LIVE - the new age of storytelling

Iraq Social Media

Show Barbies the finger.

What about Google inventing their own currency? That would be world domination.

Google Finance now showing Bitcoin Price

Ten Days in Kenya With No Cash, Only a Phone

Ecards for mobile.

Nobody can deal with real power.

New York Times Innovation Report


War Porn Cover

Facebook without the Newsfeed

Twitter Real Time Adventure Game

New York City photographed with the Game Boy Camera in 2000

Email is not a Social Network.

On one hand we're taking selfies, on the other, revolutions are going on.


Moving Brands on Vimeo

Enviro-Bear 2010

Rap Logos

«Wu-Tang Marketing»

Sony Radio SRF-39FP, Prison Edition


Most Mentioned Brands in Jay Z’s Songs

Copy & Waste

Don't copy, waste.


Don't copy, paste.

Principles for making things for the web

Stealing Money from ATMs with Malware

P&G Brand Officer Says 'Digital Marketing Is Dead'

Find the right amount of privacy. Public networks versus private networks. Public space and private space.

News About Category Blog Contact Links Tadashi Ueda

Facebook is dead with UK teenagers

Marketplace for hosting Indiegames

Countdown - tweets answers of TV show


Fuuuuuck! Stop being so social on the web. You are diminishing the web as a creative, communicative and constructive medium. Damn.

Inverted Totalitarianism

Sweden Identity

DO Lectures

The DO Blog

Startupschool Notes

Words for that

Average mans body

Honesty (and Humor) in Advertising: A Conversation with Gerry Graf

You’re having an issue with your mobile carrier. You’re not a freedom fighter.

USB Condoms

Pocket Calculator Watches

Fuck your “platform”. We don’t need you.

Typography Rules

It’s easier to sell painkillers than vitamins.

Robot Radio - a fully automated/generated radio station

DIY Cellphone

Exploding Actresses

GameBoy Programming Manual

Black Flag Artwork

Realtime Tracking of Twitter-Emojis

The worst video game ever created

Ryder Ripps

Self Destructing Cookies Add-on

Easiest way to share files P2P


Work Icon

IBM - Smarter Cities

Do we need peer-to-peer social networks? #PRISM

Unhappy Souls

Interview Magazine

iPhone Tower

Beavis&Butthead Skateboards

Current Webdesign-Trends vs 1999

Technology is a tool, not an idea.

Scrolling is the new Flash.

Shortly - Serverless Pastebin



Illustrations for Daft Punk


MIT High-Low Tech

Super Mario (1985) Coin Sound

Social Resilience in Online Communities: The Autopsy of Friendster

Collection of memo books

Matt Groenings Artwork for Apple

Language Removal Service

Prof. Pfeifer on intelligence as program vs intelligence as embodiment/movement. "Why plants have no brains? Because they don't move."

Your identity is not your image. Your identity is who you say you are. Your image is who your customers say you are.

New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual

Invent something today.

RGA: Big Idea vs. Innovation

Editor in browser



Photoshop Shortcuts

The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

The Google Effect

Fav Font


MONOtask project

Twenty Pages

A colorful toolbox

Dark Social Movement

Attido by BOND

University of the Arts Helsinki Random Shopper

How hot dogs are made.

Al Murphy (Illustrator)

Act of god

Out of place

Dark Social

John Carmack: «Story in a game is like story in a porn movie, it's expected to be there, but it's not.»

Scrollbars through history

Turn your 404s into lost children alerts

Let's make the web better. A label to create common sense and usable websites without the fancy schnickschnack (paraphernalia).

Timepressure: Watch without Hands, but still ticks.

Simple directions map

Find you somewhere between art, technology and bullshit.

Windows 3.1 iPhone/iPad Wallpaper

Always add value to something you put out in the world - this can contain entertainment, knowledge or information.

BMW Culture Book / Sagmeister Inc.

Finger lickin' good job

Generating a music playlist based on your surfing habits.

Calendar-like news platform (sort by date)

Turn your Facebook profile (Pictures, Comments) into a gossip magazine.

Motomichi Nakamura

don't feed the facebook monster.

The Internet was done so well that most people think of it as a natural resource like the Pacific Ocean, rather than something that was man-made. When was the last time a technology with a scale like that was so error-free? The Web, in comparison, is a joke. The Web was done by amateurs. (Source:

Hipsters are boring.

Stick an iPhone inside the lid of an takeaway foambox to entertain someone during eating.

Share with care.

Why read books if we can’t remember what’s in them?

Fat McDonalds


Brutalist Architecture

What's next after Social-Mobile-Media?

The power of kraft.

Let's create the AD together. Facebook feeds the AD.

HTML Basics

After your first encounter with the brand, you'll never read it again. We recognize logos, not read them. No one reads "Coca-Cola," we recognize it, as a visual language.

QR-Codes look like TV-Noise (many in row)

a camera without display adds photos automatically to social network/blog/website via wi-fi. (ClickClack, picnic, Hipstercam)

Despite The Name, Report Finds “Mobile Games” Are Played Most Often At Home

Google Font Families Overview / Cousine

Who’s Responsible When Robots Kill?

Welcome to the Post PC Era

Keep your stuff close.

Digital boredom

Giving a close group of friends advantages does feel natural. What if your 5 closest friends could save money with your help? (SaveMany) - e.g. eating pizza and get a coupon to share with close friend for free. Small personal group, not community. Insight: close friends share advantages (makes them happy / tighten friendship).

[...] Google could still put ads in front of more people than Facebook, but Facebook knows so much more about those people. Advertisers and publishers cherish this kind of personal information, so much so that they are willing to put the Facebook brand before their own. Exhibit A:, a company with the power and clout of Nike putting their own brand after Facebook’s? No company has ever done that for Google and Google took it personally.

Great ideas are behavior-changing. Everything else is advertising.

Google+ / Google✝

Manhatten as Brand-Map

Thinking of Facebook as a social content management tool. Corporate Website/Blog + Social.

"The reason that most of us are unhappy most of the time is that we set our goals—not for the person we’re going to be when we reach them—we set our goals for the person we are when we set them."

Making Blow-up Sex Dolls Fashionable.

Why are ugly websites so successful?

Consuming doesn't create anything.


Future of Interaction Design

One Time Secret - A secret URI is available only one time and then it disappears forever.

Washed out (Playlist)

FIFA Worldcup 2010 - Brand Tournament

McDonalds's Icon inconsistency (Case Study by Wolff Olins)

Getting Good Design Done In An Engineering-driven Company

Not knowing and not caring is a recipe for disaster.

Google Search Queries List

Franchi IL — 34 Layouts

Today's real knowledge advantage happens outside the web.


Space Invaders eight-bit playing cards

Tent inside church

Typointerface for iPhone

gif me a break!

Interaction Design Encyclopedia


Facebook Therapy

Mixing typefaces (92'Guide)

Yakuza 2.0


Facebook Icons

Having a silly logo doesn't mean you're doing silly business.

If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product, not the customer.



A Visual Analysis of How People Shop in IKEA


The Masked Social Network

"Only drug dealers and software companies call their customers 'users'"
— Edward Tufte

People are biased against creative ideas, studies find


Does stuff make you happy?

Browser/Skype/Mailclient Plugin deletes all text if you're using emoticons.

Never take pictures of food.

Cotton Candy Manor

Bad Taste

Machines with a human touch.

Twitter CSS Styles

I'm a professional kid.

Logo in QR-Code

fax paper magazine

teletext skull

head texture


Organ Donation Logo

Chanel Waste Bags

Diffusion of ideas

Process of concept, design and development of web-applications.

Google Wear

The key to good user experience (user interface) is not to act as such. It should be invisible to the user (graphically), but provide understanding of the task to be solved.

Google ads preferences

noteslate font

Casio Kids - Fot i Hose
Casio Kids - En Vill Hest


Barcelona Cultural Calendar

Corrupt Network XXX Rated (Nur f r Erwachsene!)

KIDULT graffiti extinguisher

Redefining the "menu" term

Shopping by color

Moving an Advertising Agency towards digital (TBWA Berlin)

Website Builder

Your taste is why your own work disappoints you.

Wasted Paper Magazine.

The beauty (Design) and the beast (Capitalism).

Bloomberg Businessweek Covers


Rage: John Carmack Interview

Gerd Arntz

How emoticons change the way of private communication.

Swiss cartoon characters, history and creators of Globi, Papa Moll, Ringi&Zofi, Pingu, Knorrli ...

Tablet is the PC for "normal people".


Website inside a YouTube-Movie. (Interactive)

Anonymous Agency

Gonogle, GoNogle, Youtabu, Youtaboo

ideas happen inside your head ( your mind)

When you know the rules, you re allowed to break the rules.

Never let machines do all your (the) work.

A collection of drug founds around the world.

It takes practice to improve your skills. Nobody starts with the roof first when buildung a house.

Collection of mobile patterns

"Social media should really be called 'ego media'"

Vernis - Perfect Match

Advertising should be invisible to the consumer. The best advertising campaigns do not look like advertising campaigns.


MMXIV Corrupt Network