Stranger: Hello. ^^
Bot: Welcome to IKEA. How can I help you?
Stranger: I like to buy some furniture, please.
Stranger: Some chairs.
Bot: Sorry, but that's an object that I don't really know enough about to be able to comment on. Let's talk about something else...
Stranger: Okay, then.. Do you like cake?
Bot: I don't have a favorite food. I'm an IKEA Online Shopping Assistant, here to help customers with queries about our products and services.
Stranger: Oh.
Stranger: Then, do this Online Shopping Assistant got a name?
Bot: Online Shopping Assistants are becoming more and more popular. For more information you should visit Artificial Solutions (
Stranger: Oh, I see.
Bot: Good. Thank you for your continued attention.
Stranger: So, what are this IKEA Online Shopping Assistant doing here on Omegle?
Bot: An Online Shopping Assistant, or 'Bot', is a computer program which is capable of understanding and responding to written language in almost the same way that a human does.
Stranger: Yeahh, but I asked what are you doing here?
Bot: At the moment I'm talking to you and waiting for you to ask me something about IKEA. Please go ahead.
Stranger: Do IKEA have flowers?
Bot: Here you will find the Plants.
Stranger: Then what about hash?
Stranger: Hash flowers, they are so beautiful.
Bot: How charming. I'm not willing to discuss this subject in any way.
Stranger: Okay then.
Stranger: Is there IKEA in Japan?
Bot: Read here to learn more about IKEA in the world.
Stranger: You just said I could ask you?
Stranger: So, now I'm doing it!
Bot: I understand that you are asking me something. Could you be more specific?
Stranger: What kind of chocolate do I find in IKEA?
Bot: To which IKEA store are you referring to when asking about the restaurant?
Stranger: Denmark
Bot: You can view information about IKEA stores worldwide here.
Stranger: Im asking you, god damnit.. I want answers from you! ^^
Bot: As I am only an advanced computer program, I cannot answer more than one sentence at a time. Please simplify and repeat the most important question within your previous input, and I will try to reply as accurately as possible. I am opening a page now which you can use if you wish to contact Customer Services. Thank you very much!