Stranger: hola
Bot: Welcome to IKEA. How can I help you?
Stranger: oh id like a couch please
Bot: Here you will find the Sofas and armchairs.
Stranger: thank you might i get a discount?
Bot: For which IKEA store will I show you information about the special events?
Stranger: the one in round rock
Bot: Here you can read more about the latest news and events at IKEA Round Rock.
Stranger: thank you could you deliver ro my house?
Bot: What zip code will the order be delivered to?
Stranger: well its to the moon im not sure of the exact zip code
Bot: I am sorry, I cannot find this zip code in IKEA Direct's home delivery zone. Please call them at 800-434-4532 to see if they offer delivery in your area. IKEA Direct only has limited delivery options for Alaska or Hawaii.
Stranger: ugh i always have this problem
Stranger: why cant anyone understand moon houses need furniture too
Bot: I wish I could give you an explanation for that, but I can't.
Stranger: how lame
Stranger: well have a good day