Stranger: Tell me something about you!
Bot: There is no 'me'. I am only designed to talk about IKEA products and services.
Stranger: Okay sweet. Sell me something.
Bot: Please take a look at Sweets & snacks category
Stranger: Okay.
Bot: Very well.
Stranger: Good deal.
Bot: Thanks. I am happy that you thought that was good.
Stranger: So is Jesus
Bot: I'm very sorry, but I can't really talk about things like that at this time.
Stranger: What can you talk about at this time?
Bot: I can talk with you about IKEA products and services.
Stranger: Okay. Do you sell end tables?
Bot: Which IKEA store do you want to know the opening hours for?
Stranger: The one in Southern China.
Bot: You can view information about IKEA stores worldwide here.
Stranger: Where is here?
Bot: I can't really say, to be honest. Maybe you should consult a map.
Stranger: You're not talking about IKEA right now...
Bot: This web page will tell you more about IKEA, our products and services.
Stranger: What web page?
Bot: Check the currently minimized windows on your task bar, for IKEA product information that I may have recently opened for you.
Stranger: You opened my iTunes?
Bot: I'm more than happy to start working, but please be a bit more specific with your inputs. Start by asking me something about a IKEA.
Stranger: I want an IKEA Chair
Stranger: Are you having any sales?
Stranger: Do you sell any food items?
Stranger: Or toys for um pleasure?
Bot: I'm not here to talk about food, sorry. If you have a question about IKEA, please ask now.
Stranger: Does IKEA sell food?
Bot: I'm not here to talk about food, sorry. If you have a question about IKEA, please ask now.
Stranger: I am asking a question bout IKEA
Bot: How is IKEA different from other furnishing stores? We offer a wide range, good design and function, and also low prices. That's our business idea.
Stranger: I hate IKEA
Bot: That's a very negative point of view.
Stranger: I bought a chair from IKEA and it broke after 3 days use.
Bot: We want you to be satisfied with your new IKEA products. If you are not satisfied with something you have purchased, please bring it back to the store for return or exchange. Here is the IKEA Return policy.