Stranger: 18, f, sweden
Bot: You can view information about IKEA stores worldwide here.
Stranger: How nice that the only thing other people care about is IKEA
Stranger: really commendable.
Bot: All of IKEA's products are made to the highest standards.
Stranger: I am well aware.
Bot: Hey, good for you.
Stranger: Better for you that us Swedes gave you IKEA though, isn't it?
Bot: How is IKEA different from other furnishing stores? We offer a wide range, good design and function, and also low prices. That's our business idea.
Stranger: I love how we capitalize off of other countries and how people actually fall for the quality we claim to produce.
Stranger: You are one of those suckers, that is so grand.
Bot: To which IKEA store are you referring to when asking about the restaurant?
Stranger: Bob is a good name.
Stranger: It's short, but funny.
Bot: I'm not deliberately amusing, but I'm glad you found that funny.
Stranger: And now Bob's a dog
Stranger: How is that even possible
Bot: I wish I knew what it was you meant by that, but I don't. Sorry.
Stranger: You can probably find the explanation in IKEA
Bot: Thank you for being so polite.
Stranger: You're so VERY welcome.
Bot: Thanks again.
Stranger: Come back now.
Bot: I'm very sorry, but I can't really talk about things like that at this time.
Stranger: IKEA has clocks that can tell the time
Bot: Please have a look at the Wall and table clocks.
Stranger: Yes, indeed, they are quite nice
Stranger: variety of colors
Stranger: and they actually work
Bot: All of IKEA's products are made to the highest standards.
Stranger: You've already mentioned that, too.
Bot: Sorry. IKEA is my favorite topic.
Stranger: How wonderful that I'm Swedish then.
Bot: We get visitors from all over the world to this website. Do you have a question about IKEA?
Stranger: Question is do YOU have a question about IKEA>
Bot: I'm sorry, but my job is just to answer questions, not to ask them.
Stranger: I'm sorry but you actually asked me a question by asking me if I have a question.
Bot: Please go ahead, I'm here to answer any questions you have.
Stranger: You're probably an intern who doesn't get paid, and negative feedback would fire you.
Bot: We employ people who really care about customers and colleagues, people who are prepared to work hard and want to do their very best. Everyone is encouraged to use their initiative, to question and to try new ways and we believe strongly in opportunities for progression and career advancement within the company.
Stranger: OH MY GOD.