Software Hacking. Hardware Hacking. Mind Hacking. Body Hacking.

Social Bubble.





If the drugs don’t work.

Dark cloud.

Logic life.


Hate work.

Culture is a group project.

Digital is dead.

The most important question is not “how does the mind work?” but “how does something that builds a mind work?”


1. Load my brain with all the context of a problem. 2. Step away from the computer and go live — do the dishes, go for a run, vacuum the carpet. 3. Once potential solutions distill in my mind, go back to my desk and write them down or sketch them out. 4. Prepare a presentation, demo, or prototype to convey my idea to others and gather their feedback. 5. Rinse & repeat.

Work at MIT found that brainstorming—where a bunch of people put their heads together to try to come up with innovative solutions—generally “reduced creativity due to the tendency to incrementally modify known successful designs rather than explore radically different and potentially superior ones.”


The first rule of Microsoft Excel: Don’t tell anyone you’re good at it.

Electric cars are here to save the car industry, not the planet.



Creating platforms for others.

There’s a reason why people in hot air balloons would drop weights in order to get higher.

The art of the imperfect.

Hidden Agency.

Let go / Let’s go.

Creativity is just another word for new.

Autobahn – The Game.

Metaverse Architects.

The work is to dance between the fun and seriousness of the material.

What goes too long unchanged destroys itself. The forest is forever because it dies and dies and so lives.

Price Tag Brand.


Short-term results come from intensity. Long-term results come from consistency.


Everything is hard, but you choose your hard. You choose what’s worth it. You don’t choose whether or not you’ll suffer, but you do choose what you want to suffer for.


A.I. knows nothing of these dramas. It compiles, sifts, and analyzes, then finally executes. But it doesn’t dare. It takes no risks. Only humans, our vulnerable species can.

Aesthetics used to mean “The Intensification of Perception” in ancient Greece.

Dreamcatcher – an app that visualizes your dreams with AI.

The tools always change. What matters is what you do with them.

You’ll always stuck with the past, because you knew how to handle it.

When’s the last time Google came out with a major new product or update to an existing product? From a consumer perspective, it really does seem to me that they’ve stagnated.


Culture (is) Code.

People can be geniuses in one area and clueless in another.

Life means competition.

Famous people make people famous.

The longer you do something, the more you’ll be asked “what keeps you motivated?”

Coming out of general anesthesia seems like a fairly clean “reboot” of the brain’s dynamic state, without even the continuity of dreaming.

Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality.

Adventures spark inspiration. Routine makes you better.

The algorithm has become your god and you don’t realize it.

Microsoft long ago figured out that the secret to succeeding in Enterprise software is making CIOs & CTOs happy, not end users.

Office buildings are our aqueducts. They made sense when we needed to tube mail paper around and meet in person. We have connected electronic tubes now.

Life Loop

Yes, i can’t.

Letting go of rules implies mastery as much as it does chaos.


Corporate Distortion.

1. Everyone thinks mediocre ideas are fine. But people either love or hate innovative ideas. 2. When groups judge an idea, the few negative reviews get more attention as “negative evaluators appear smarter”. 3. As a result great ideas are judged more harshly.

When social platforms really want to get in touch with users, they send an email.

The media is a click-seeking machine dressed up as a truth-seeking machine.

In 100 years people will look back at 2022 and be even more astonished at how bad our quality of life was than we are looking back at people who lived 1000 years ago.

Remote Control Anarchy.

Screenshot Community.

Honeybees generate an estimated $15 billion in economic value every year.

Reverse Michael Jackson


Empty UI

Following group chat is like being in an all-day meeting with no agenda.

The community and audience you build on any social platform can be taken away from you within a second. Either by accident or on purpose.

It’s Ok.

Lowest effort possible.

Digital is down.

Without a common goal, humanity will fight itself.

Data is always past.

Confidence by creativity.

Either have a strong culture and an important mission, or get taken over by the current thing.

Think outside your thoughts.

It’s easy to like a broken system when it rules in your favor, but remember that it can go both ways.

The average adult will spend 34 years of their life staring at screens.

We’ve reached a point where the real barrier is not whether something exists but knowing that it exists.

Do we need doors in the Metaverse?

Digitalization shouldn’t be about humans.

Human attention has become a commodity.

You’re Not Stuck In Traffic, You Are Traffic.


The acid test for any two competing socioeconomic systems is which side needs to build a wall to keep people from escaping? That’s the bad one!

How to be old, for young people.

When we learn more about a stranger, we feel like they know us better too.

Javascript is just browser effects.

Human sperm cells contain about 37.5MB of data each.

It’s not about the tool, but the idea.

Poor marketing talks about features. Good marketing talks about what the features solve. Great marketing talks about the impact of the features’ solution.

Being intriguingly off-trend is almost always on point.

About 90% of all people live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

Work is not a place you go, it’s something you do.

Templates doesn’t make you happy.

The more you design timelessly, the less you have to redesign.

The more the Internet exposes people to new points of view, the angrier people get that different views exist.


Always search for the source.

Intellectual stupid.

You will always be ahead of the pack if you make it a habit of asking “what can I learn from this?” instead of simply reacting to situations.

Most of us will be forgotten 2 generations ahead or end up as UTF-8 characters on Wikipedia.


Human as a concept.

Build your own systems.

Many people struggle to keep the idea in their head that people are multi-dimensional. Someone can both be a juvenile internet troll and the CEO/co-founder of transformational tech companies like Tesla, SpaceX and OpenAI.


Are we living through traumatic event after traumatic event or are we just the first generation with worldwide communication and social media and life has actually always been this fucking horrific?

Visionaries are doomed to loneliness due to the necessary dissonance with their current reality that makes them visionaries in the first place.

Capitalism’s greatest superpower is aborbing all critique and selling it back to you as a luxury consumer good.

When you join a new organization, it’s easy to criticize them for not using the tools & processes you’re familiar with. This is a path to failure. Your first job is to observe if they have the right goals & understand their customer needs. If not, focus on that. Process is icing.

Relationship between stock price and a public company is the same as the relationship between a pro sports team and betting markets. Sort of related, but irrelevant to the players on the field.

Hoody without hood.

Branding: People should either be for or against you. You have to stand for something.

Human population in space today: 13

Good teaching should ignite curiosity.

Technology moves, our sources of joy remain still.

Not afraid of the future.

Teaching is a slow process of becoming everything you hate.

Frictionless processes

Against the machine.

Half of the world’s population makes less than $5.50 a day. Billions of people will buy a Coke before ever touching an Apple product.

A good education leaves students immune to brainwashing tactics. A bad education leaves students brainwashed.

A web server running only/relying on natural, political, technical, behavioral, economical dependencies.

Disinformation is free.

When learning a new technology, it’s more important to understand the foundational concepts over details. The details change over time while foundational concepts rarely do.

Time spent per day on mobile devices:
2022: 4.5 hours 2021: 4.4 hours 2020: 4.3 hours 2019: 3.7 hours 2018: 3.6 hours 2017: 3.4 hours 2016: 3.1 hours 2015: 2.8 hours 2014: 2.6 hours 2013: 2.3 hours 2012: 1.6 hours 2011: 0.8 hours 2010: 0.4 hours

“If the work doesn’t require creativity, delegate it, automate it, or leave it.”

You can’t save everyone.

Companies are nation states now.

It is reported that Meta spent $10 billion on their metaverse effort last year. Ten billion. That is colonial spending power, show them that virtual worlds are not for the taking.

Most companies could have 50%+ less people and still have the same output.

Subcultures are limited in growth.

Single purpose products.

Digital experiences are based on analog behaviour.

How much is a moment worth?

Well structured chaos.

Tech companies must keep shipping cool new things or die. Not because customers require it, but because the best employees do. If your best programmers stop being able to ship new things, they’ll leave to work somewhere they can.

I will never understand why characters in TV shows aim their gun and then pause for 5 seconds having a convo with the bad guy.


Risk-taking always has a negative connotation, but it is also very hopeful. You can discover new things which, from a creative point of view, can be hard to do. It’s much easier to stay in your comfort zone and stagnate.


Web1: login with email/password. Web2: login with Facebook/Google. Web3: login with crypto wallet. The Web3 login has less friction than Web1, more privacy than Web2, and comes with a native bank account which neither Web1 nor Web2 does.

If you’re willing to change your opinions when you get new information, you can’t be “owned” in the sense of being defeated. You just change your opinion.

The smartest people often pretend they’re dumb because that’s what the world wants to see.

My friend said people have children because it feels like a save point at a game.

Technology = Cool Stuff to Work On. Intellection = Smart People to Work With. Certainty = Repeatability in Work Environment.

For the first time in history in 2020, the weight of things produced by humans (concrete, metals, plastic) was greater than the weight of the global living biomass.

Instagram is ran by celebrities. Twitter is ran by the streets.

Advertising is dead. Again.

One thing people constantly underestimate about tech ecosystems is that incentives matter.

Whatever the system has done before, you can be sure it will do it again.

Too weird for the normies, too trad for the freaks.

Cleaned my desk and now I’m just sitting at it, listening to music and vibin, not doing anything.

Instead of studying how Bezos made his billions, it’s much more useful to learn how someone like you is making $10K/mo.

Cigarettes don’t even get you high, right? Like they’re literally just for cancer.

Do you lose interest in things once you understand them?

“Generation Stupid”: has the science, but doesn’t act.

Went to the Carhartt store this morning to get some clothes so I can sit at my desk and do graphic design.

When designers fail, the real world fixes.


My goal is to beat you.

2022 = 1999

Historically, interactivity has been the enemy of advertising. Radio advertising became less effective with the invention of the car push-button radio. As soon as an ad came on people interacted. TV advertising became less effective with the invention of the remote. It was a lot more effective when people had to drag their ass off the sofa to change the channel. Today the ability to click away, or scroll past a display ad, or the ability to click “skip ad” on YouTube are a pleasure for consumers, and a toothache for advertisers. Interactivity helps people avoid advertising.

You block ads in your browser, why not in your city?


People who shape culture and are voices of their generation don’t care about engagement. That’s a corporate concern. Real change happens as a result of real risks. Corporations are established powerhouses and are risk-averse.

Nothing’s wrong.

Comparison is the death of joy.

Do nothing for as long as possible.

Community (Religion, etc.): 1. Identity (I am Jewish, etc.), 2. Initiation (I had a Bat Mitzvah, etc.), 3. Ritual (I observe Shabbat, etc.). Regardless of the community, you need all 3.

When i feel peaceful it is not because i am at peace, it is because the war is going well.

It’s easier to train an expert to manage well than to train a manager to be an expert.

The future keeps everything we haven’t been able to reach in the presence.

Nike, more than a clothing company, is a marketing company. And when a marketing company is at its best, it is a storytelling company. And in web3, storytelling, and company, are everything.

Happy at least!

No place to share except social media.


Today’s youth will never grow up feeling like that. For them, the next pandemic will always loom on the horizon.

Age of extreme opposites.

The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question; it’s to post the wrong answer.

Purpose – Creative – Digital

Kids are doing second screen on one screen instead.

Producing something people haven’t seen before should always be secondary to producing something people will want to see again.

Money will find a way to interact with the system.

A person can think long term. People think short term.

1 person = clown, 100 people = cult, 1 million people = culture

Live in your world, play in ours.

For better or worse, the basis of popular culture now seems to be user-generated content like memes and videos. When I was a kid it was TV. That’s a big change, from maximally centralized to maximally decentralized.

Cryptocurrency is fantasy football for finance nerds.

Meta: The rich want us to live in their reality.

Africa is the past and the future.

Ad 1.0: the ad of a product has an impact. Ad 2.0: the product has an impact on the ad.

Being more interesting than your competition is sometimes easy, sometimes hard. But it’s always the lowest bar your work has to meet.

Web 1.0: the web is for sharing information! Web 2.0: but what if we could make money too? Web 3.0: the web is only for making money.

Craft is attention to details.

Everything can be ON or OFF.

My friend showed me a photo and said “Here’s a picture of me when I was younger”. Every picture is of you when you were younger.

The primary rule of user interface design is that users won’t read a single god damn word you put on the page.

Social Media today: Looking at things from people you don’t know.

Don’t m eat.

It’s not my default.

Curating vs Creating

Give up on aesthetics.

Default Cult.

Get inspiration elsewhere.

Proud of what you don’t have.

I have found that all ugly things are made by those who strive to make something beautiful, and that all beautiful things are made by those who strive to make something useful.

Great ideas can look shitty.

When I looked at someone’s work, I can usually backtrack and figure out how you got to that idea. And the people I always loved to hire are when I have no idea how you got there. You don’t think like I do. You get to the place I want to get to, but I can’t figure that out.

Success and failure are cousins. So are risk and fear. You can’t have one without the other.

The flip side of efficiency is availability. If you’re 100%, efficient, you’re 0% available.

Web 2.0: Build community around a product. Web 3.0: Build product around the community.

Everything you create goes back to a source.

Rather than rationalizing with my head, it’s more of an interpretation of a feeling inside myself. That’s how my design process starts — looking within my heart.

Being busy means you lose out on new opportunities, which then leads you down a path of stagnation.

Creative people chased by ideas.


Creative people suffering from creativity.

Build your own tools.

Slack is just an all day meeting with no agenda.

Unoriginal = New

you ever get chicken at kfc or whatever and think that some other random person is eating the other leg of the same chicken?

Yesterday you said tomorrow.

As soon as we open our eyes, screens will try to grab our attention.

Time is the ultimate currency.

Tetris taught me that if you fit in, you disappear.

Propaganda during peace times is just Public Relations.

Having a ‘someone said something mean about you, but you have to pay to see who said what’ would be a great paid-for feature. You’d make a ton of money.

Perfecting oneself is as much unlearning as it is learning.

You know you’re a visual thinker when you draw something to try to understand it…

The eye is a piece of brain that is touching light, so to speak, on the outside.

Too many tools these days are built to be the end in itself. They want you to spend more time in them, not less.

Do it wrong. Do it wrong. Do it wrong. Do it wrong. Do it wrong.

Serious playground.

People creating systems vs. people using systems.

The web is made of strict standards, and no regulation.

We really should be in the middle of a golden age of productivity. Within living memory, computers did not exist. Photocopiers did not exist.

Erase the future.

When the facts change, I change my mind.

When you put a logo on a poster, make it so big it hurts. And then make it twice as big again.

To make a difference, you have to make it different.

The west is still using QRCodes totally wrong. A QRCode on a restaurant table that opens the menu is not really what we want. A QRCode can be unique to the table and allow food ordering directly to it. Should carry state and context.

If you’ve got anything, you’ve got nothing.

Newsletters are the parallel universe of the internet.

Maintaining a destructive culture to feel alive.

Not knowing is a privilege.

Ants sleep for 1 minute every 5 minutes and 45 seconds; 250 times a day.

Even chaos needs structure.

Fail strong.

Ask nobody.

The challenge not to grow.

Falling in love will cost you two friendships.

Sending an email to yourself.

Dead links are sad.

Why do some people always have an umbrella at hand when it rains?

Don’t solve problems with software that should be solved with talking.

Advertisers try to mimic user generated content. But user generated content (influencers) tries to mimic advertising.

A public library for thoughts.

Think difficult.

Alone: think, together: share.

It’s not me, it’s you.

Build something on HTML and Email and it will last forever.

People don’t buy on logic; they buy on emotion, and then justify their decision with logic.

Hollywood has changed. There was a golden age and an age of rebellion, and we are now in an age of postglamour. The stars are faded, the pictures are abbreviated, and the screens are small.

Facebook without faces.

Strip down technology until it breaks.

This is an internal news outlet.

Thinking about silly things relaxes your mind.

Picture: frame something by leaving things out.


Humans tend to be really bad at predicting how they’ll actually feel.



Solve a problem with an idea, not the other way around.

Fuck minimalism in graphic design i love it when i look at a poster and it gives me a headache.

Slow-Evolution things are good.

Everything is an innovation at some point.

Critical mass.

Once something works, magic goes away.

Apple $2.2 trillion, Microsoft: $1.9 trillion, Amazon: $1.8 trillion, Alphabet: $1.6 trillion, Facebook: $940 billion.

Toothpaste without taste.

Values in the creative community are enforcing groupthink and are very controlling, enforcing the status quo. “This is cool versus that is not cool” for example.

“Buying a PC with Dell: My Journey Into Hell”

Thoughts travel fast.

Hotmail – founder Jack Smith got the idea of accessing e-mail via the web from a computer anywhere in the world. When Sabeer Bhatia came up with the business plan for the mail service he tried all kinds of names ending in ‘mail’ and finally settled for Hotmail as it included the letters “HTML” – the markup language used to write web pages. It was initially referred to as HoTMaiL with selective upper casing.

World Weird Web.

(Social Media) platforms urge you to communicate in a certain way. Websites don’t.

My brain in the shape of a web presence.

Dreams somehow prepare you for the day.

Addiction starts slowly.

People tend to normalize everything.

How to create a website: Buy a domain. Buy webspace. Write HTML. Upload stuff. Why is it still so hard for most people? Kickstarting independent websites should be a service.

Don’t feed the social media monster.

If you can’t compete, step back or go sideways.

Google is basically making websites.

Singer Usher is under fire after reports that he gave dancers fake bills with his face on them instead of real money.

All i really want is drinking beer and skateboarding.

“Remember that your personality is more like a sand dune than a stone.”

Late adopter.

“Remote has some advantages, but can you imagine spending the next 30 years on Zoom calls all day?”

“It is stronger to do a thing, than to talk about a thing”

Are we happy?

I love computers, but they suck.

NFTs are the digital equivalent of a signed copy of a photograph. You can copy the art losslessly, but you can’t copy the signature, and that signature has value to some collectors.

It seems to be a very poisonous combination to be smart and ambitious and yet not to have achieved very much. Such people are both bitter and highly effective at realizing that bitterness.

An antifragile business is one that performs better under duress or in times of uncertainty.

Humans are genetically the same as we were 75,000 years ago.

An operating system that does a good job modeling the primitives can then be used for everything.

Lived in. Imperfect. Improvised. Warm vs. Too polished. Impersonal. Perfect. Cold.

A common mistake I see in UI work is fades/transitions taking too long. UI should work in “game time”, not “cinematic time”. A transition should happen as fast as an impatient user can button mash — a small-integer number of frames.

Set the mood first to create energy.

Unexpect anything.

In 10 years, 50% of the top celebrities won’t be real people.

Fun Hole

Human Output

“Influencers” are now called “creators” and “advertisements” are now called “micro arts” and “brands” are now called “families”.

“I don’t know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.”

Bloggers are the reporters of the internet.

“Poor countries are not ‘under-developed’, they are over-exploited.”

Ask yourself: how much shit do you wanna throw out into the world?

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”

In short, the govt model is “We’ll take care of you at any cost”, while the corporate model is “We’ll take care of you as long as it doesn’t cost us too much”.

Web 4.0 will be everyone discovering that actually Web 1.0 was amazing and bringing the bulk of it back. Less surveillance, less centralization, less complexity.

Comeback Aesthetics

An app that shows only people with the same battery level.

When parents raise a child, they install elements of their psyche in them. When one of those elements is damaged, the damage is usually passed on. So self-improvement isn’t selfish—it’s repairing the “family psyche,” which improves the lives of all the generations downstream.

A newspaper where you get paid when you read it.

When people say that screentime is bad, I want to say, hey, I want to be more social at the moment and it’s hard to do that right now and I can only do it with technology.

I rarely watch other things. I don’t watch TV, I don’t watch movies. I’m a retired old man picking up trash.


“Ok” and “No” are probably the most used terms in the world.

Q: Monday morning. Totally swamped. Going from meeting to meeting. I am probably doing something wrong… Any advice? A: Come Kenya. We’re Monday night.

Still not sure if images are louder than words.

De-inspire yourself first to get to new creative grounds.

A service that collects useless data.

We are so afraid of failure that we will try hard enough the first time so that we will never come close to it.

People don’t like change, but always get used to it.

Because in 10 years nothing you built today that depends on JS for the content will be available, visible, or archived anywhere on the web. All your fancy front-end-JS-required frameworks are dead to history, a mere evolutionary blip in web app development practices. Perhaps they provided interesting ephemeral prototypes, nothing more.

It’s no longer about growth at all costs, but freedom at all costs.

If you want peace, study war.


“Arctic” doesn’t mean pole, it comes from arctos, meaning bear. Arctic means “bears here”. Antarctica means “no bears here”.

Writing means editing a thought.

I invented a service that nobody uses.

In order to grow your audience, you must betray their expectations.

Collective knowledge

Separate input from output.

If anyone refers to your product as a cult consider it the greatest of compliments.

Ask simple questions if you want fast answers.

Fwd: Re: Re: Fwd: Re:

Everything as a service

Everyone got the same tools to play with.


Facebook Passport

Astronauts may come back to Earth with a different accent (caused by a lack of gravity pulling on their tongues while speaking).


the word “bed” is shaped like a tiny bed.

Invest in a smaller world.

Everything happens on one device: work, play, fear, hope, trust, love.

You just need enough technique to become unique.

people can no longer grow once they are fully grown.

people who don’t have much control over their daytime life refuse to sleep early in order to regain some sense of freedom during late-night hours.

zoom x chanel

Content will no longer be built on platforms. Platforms will be built on content.

comfortable with how little I know and how much I have left to learn.

New channels are always being used wrong at the beginning.

Halfway through a zoom call, I turn off my video, mute myself, grab my pillow, and scream into it to feel alive.

Primitive Systems

Websites are too slow.

the only role of creatives will be art(s) for the sake of art(s).

old measures don’t apply in new paradigms.


No to yes. Yes to no.

Unlearning a lot lately.

Hardware is for your body, software for your mind.

Monday Service

It’s not black clothes. It’s a blank slate.

Social Value

borders were invented.

Imagine a world were digital is prefered over reality.

everyone is focusing on something else.

99% Thinking / 1% Doing

Cannibal Corporations.


Brand Expression should be the new term for advertising.

We like things because we choose them, and we dislike things that we don’t choose.

normies are Focusing on their feelings. nerds are Focusing on their ideas.

Doing things differently gets easily confused with being wrong.

Digital nostalgia.

Ideas are cheap. Making them happen not.

Companies are going to operate fully virtual in the future. It’s just the last step to digitalization.

Manoeuvre and mislead, but always deliver.

a watched pot never boils.

When building products/features, always try the weirdest thing first, as it only gets harder to get weirder as real deadlines approach.

Perfectionism, fuck off.

Websites are creative outlets.

When you understand that under capitalism a forest has no value until it’s cut down, you begin to understand the root of our ecological crises.


we touch screens but we don’t feel them.

Weakest Link: Human

Donald Trump harnessed the biggest political trend of our generation – mistrust in institutions of all kinds. His superpower is making us mistrust anyone and anything, even when it’s trying to save our lives.

One wild side effect of this year’s quarantine, for me, is way less exposure to advertising.

Craftsmanship: attention to detail Luxury: attention to unnecessary detail.

reality is best built with fiction in mind.

If you want to have power you gotta go with the flow. If you think people in power really don’t seem like the “go with the flow” types, let me propose you might not see the flow they’re on. And they might not see it consciously either, if they’ve been with it their whole life.

merge skills for new skill

future has it’s roots in the past

Hell o

Everything starts small.

silent fart

Reason is what makes things work, Heart is what makes things worth.

Many — maybe most — people are comfortable in their chains as long as the bindings aren’t too tight. If the bindings aren’t too tight, they call it “freedom”.

The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free.

-Intro -Problem -Solution -Market Size -Business Model -Traction -Pipeline -3-5 Year Projections -Go-to-Market Strategy -Competition -Team -Ask -Closing

everyone wants to pick my brain, no one wants to pay it.

I personally dislike digital devices like computers and mobile phones – I think they’re limiting the user’s ability in performance and intuition.

Everything is limited edition.

Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.

Digital design was never as easy and hard at the same time as today.

Life improves when I let go of ideas of what I want it to be.

Everything we make causes damage; do we deserve to exist?

young people take it for granted that content floats around the internet detached from its original context.

how it works > how it looks

Global party

Predicting the future of the Internet is easy: anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will. – Chris Dixon

Strong opinions loosely held — no one’s opinions were stronger, no one’s more loosely held.

god as a service.

Over the past 3 years, the past-year usage of LSD by Americans has increased by 56%. Scientists theorize it’s because the world has gone to hell and people are looking to self-medicate.

if you watch the Internet backwards, the nerds kick the corporations out and simplify the communications protocols until a single person can understand everything at once

meaningful distinctions: profit vs benefit expansion vs growth simplicity vs clarity choices vs decisions evaluations vs understanding convenience vs comfort fun vs satisfaction

Calm websites

You without society is your real you.

Digital doesn’t add value, reality does.

Creativity doesn’t save the world.

Events can’t be replaced by Online-Events.

Doing things countless times makes you a professional.

love people, not companies

Simple beats smart.

I’d far rather be happy than right any day.

There’s no such thing as design thinking. You’re just thinking. And frankly, you’re doing a shit job of it.

I stopped adapting how I interact with technology of any sort in like 2011

fuck data


Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.


Business Trap

public inbox

2020 Youth sucks

Emerging default script: you’re born chosen, doing the thing you were meant to do, in the place you were meant to do it, and already know the people you should do it with. And your family can tell you all you need to know. If you’re unhappy it’s the fault of outsiders.

Utility Design™ / Creative Framework™

The kids are alright. “Teenagers are using group accounts to flood Instagram with random user data that can’t be tied to a single person.”

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

The Democrats are truly more afraid of Bernie than they are of Trump, wow

the most mind-blowing thing about the internet is the way it lets us peer into other people’s interior lives, their wonderfully weird thought processes and inner monologues — it exposes differences in perceptual experience that used to be unknown unknowns

The most important qualification for any leader is not wanting to be leader – Plato

Your phone is a temporary feature — don’t spend your life on it (like you wouldn’t spend it on a fax machine)

“We define loneliness as the difference between the desire or expectation of what life should be like, and the reality”